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Our Fees
- Weekly tuition full time
- Weekly tuition part time
- VPK weekly tuition full time
- Afterschool weekly
- Daily ( drop-in only)
- Return checks
- Full day for VPK
- Uniforms polo
- Transportation weekly
- Transportation Insurance
- Late payment charge
- Late pick-up

- Monthly Tuition Full Time
- Monthly Tuition Part Time

- Annual Registration
- Annual Tuition Full Time
- Annual Tuition Part Time

- Part time hours are 7:00 am to 12:00 pm or 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm.
- Tuition is payable in full on Mondays or Tuesdays.
- No credit for missing days. No refunds. Payment of the full week regardless of attendance is mandatory in order to have your child enrolled at our center.
- In order to get the amount of money paid on behalf of your child for your income taxes your account must be in good standing, this means you must not owed any payments to Happy Kids Childcare.

The following classes are now being offered at our school. Register your child now as classes fill up quickly. The cost of the series is $150 for 10 classes. All classes meet once a week. Each package can only be applied to ONE CLASS so that your child can excel at that skill. Class ratios will vary: 1 teacher to 4 children (Infants), 1 teacher to 6 children (Toddlers), 1 teacher to 8 children (3 years and above). A full group of (4, 6 or 8) children must register before the class begins.

- Ceramics (2 and Up)
- Jewelry Making (4 and Up)
- Art: Sketching, Painting, texture, Depth Perception, Acrylics (7 and Up)
- Cooking (4 and up)
- Radiant Child Yoga (Infants and Up)
- Pre-Ballet (3 to 5)
- Intro to Ballet (5 and up)
- Percussion: Drumming, conga, bongos, hand drums, etc (5 and up)
- Piano: Keyboard (6 and up)
- Guitar (6 and up)